Celebrating Other Life Events

 Births/adoptions, anniversaries, deaths…



Every person’s life, from birth to death, should be celebrated for the wonderful gift that it is. Traditionally, significant life events such as birth, marriage, anniversaries and the death of a loved one have been celebrated in the churches to which people belong.  But what happens to those persons who have no church affiliation?  They are often shunned from a meaningful celebration of these significant life events.

As a former catholic priest I possess the experience and expertise to offer you the celebrations that others would refuse you. Whatever the occasion, I commit to offering a personal and empathetic celebration that truly reflects the life event being celebrated.


For all other significant life event celebrations such as Baptisms, Naming Ceremonies, Anniversaries or Memorial Services for deceased loved ones that you would like me to officiate, please telephone me at (519) 919-1559, or email me at cojoe@cogeco.ca

I look forward to assisting you.

An anonymous writer has written, “Celebrate the little things in life, appreciate tomorrow, love your neighbour, and never condemn yourself to a life without cause to celebrate and be thankful for what you have. Never forget the people you love and love them when you have an occasion to do so. Celebrate their life and celebrate yours.”